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Advanced Environmental Management (AEM) is very pleased to announce a new agreement to monitor two new landfill facilities in Decatur County, Georgia.  The first facility is a subtitle D or a lined landfill.  The second facility is a closed Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Landfill.  This second facility also includes a landfill gas (methane) extraction system. 

AEM is looking forward to working with these facilities.  AEM already monitors multiple other facilities in the same geographical areas.  Adding additional sites in this area enables AEM to provide municipalities, counties, cities and other customers a maximum savings on cost as AEM works to consolidate travel and other related expenses for each product.  AEM is very conscious of creating multiple ways to save its customers money from better travel planning to reduce expenses to helping customers document and complete the appropriate paper work to receive credits for the work that AEM performs.   AEM has helped its customers save a cumulative total of over $1 million through this system and hopes to continue saving customers money by reducing client specific travel expenses.

In addition, AEM’s detailed knowledge of the geography and local facilities enables AEM to evaluate trends across multiple similar facilities.  This information again helps AEM provide the maximum opportunity to eliminate problems and issues quickly while keeping costs in check.  AEM continues to work to provide higher quality service to its customers while working to control or lower costs.