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Advanced Environmental Management, Inc. (AEM) currently provides groundwater and methane monitoring services to approximately 50 landfill facilities across the southeast United States. With semi-annual groundwater monitoring and quarterly methane monitoring, that adds up to approximately 5000 samples taken each year. Each sample taken requires documentation including times, dates, volumes, field analyses, etc. In the past, all that data was written on forms, if we were lucky, or cocktail napkins, if we weren’t. Additionally, all that data had to be read and manually entered into databases by administrative personnel for reporting.

This system was inefficient and fraught with mistakes. In looking for a better way, AEM decided to purchase handheld computers for field technicians to use. We were on our way to having an expensive, custom-built database designed to run on the handheld when we came across the FAST system from GEO AGE (

This system basically allowed us to build our own custom databases for the handheld device in minutes and included all the procedures to allow us to export our data to a usable, electronic format. Now our data is entered in the field at the time of collection, e-mailed to our offices, and imported into a database automatically. This process has improved our efficiency and greatly decreased mistakes. This means lower costs and higher quality for our clients.

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