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Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine’s Jeff Arnold has written an article titled Keeping the Environment Safe: Environmental Firm Turns to Mobile Technology to Automate Field Force about Advanced Environmental Management’s use of mobile technology. AEM utilizes hand held devices to capture data during sampling activities.

AEM manages sampling from over 50 different sites around the state of Georgia and the southeastern United States. Managing this many sites requires the completion of well over 300 reports annually to regulatory groups not to mention reports delivered to their clients, which help their clients manage their sites, make decisions and save money as well.  Some of those reports received by their clients also help their clients received cash refunds from the government.

Writing those reports and transcribing them to AEM’s collection and analysis databases would be inefficient and even wasteful. The article discusses AEM’s transition to mobile devices that enable AEM technicians to collect the information electronically and then consolidate that information in AEM databases.

These databases are used not only for reporting and analysis, but they also help AEM work more efficiently and cost effectively to save their clients money.