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Lorence Busker

Lorence T. Busker

TITLE Project Geologist / Project Manager
ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Georgia State University – Atlanta, GA Bachelor of Geology, 1995
EXPERTISE Environmental and Geophysical Project Management
Advanced Environmental Management, Inc., 1998 to present:

Mr. Busker serves as Project Geologist for numerous landfill monitoring projects. His projects include:

  • Conducting EPA/EPD Quality Assurance/Quality Control groundwater, and surface water sampling.
  • Conducting Methane Monitoring at Landfills.
  • Overseeing the installation of groundwater, and methane monitoring wells.
  • Development of Groundwater monitoring wells to EPD standards.
  • Performing insitu slug-tests on groundwater monitoring wells to determine hydrogeologic parameters.
  • Preparation of detailed reports documenting EPD compliance.
  • Operation and Maintenance of Methane Remediation Systems.

United Consulting Group Ltd.; January 1996 to March 1998:

Mr. Busker served as Staff Geologist in the Geophysical Department. Projects included:

  • Design, Perform and Interpret Seismic Refraction Surveys for the Identification and Quantification of rock in site suitability and design studies.
  • Ground Penetrating Radar Studies for identification and location of manmade and natural artifacts.
  • Field supervision for Geotechnical and Site Suitability Investigations.
  • Laboratory testing of soils and other materials for physical properties.
  • Installation of Settlement Cells and Settlement Plates for long term studies of settlement potentials in fill soils.
  • Testing of footings for Residential, Public, and Commercial buildings.
  • Rock Identification and Quantification as well as studies involving stability of Rock slopes.
  • Wrote detailed reports for clients explaining findings of field investigations and giving recommendations.
SPECIALIZED TRAINING OSHA 40-hour Safety Training Course, 1998
PROFESSIONAL REGISTRATION Geologist-in-Training Certificate, 1996

Member of SWANA