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Advanced Environmental Management, Inc. (AEM) has been serving the southeast since 1992.  We perform environmental services such as property assessments, designing/ installing monitoring systems, conducting environmental monitoring services, and designing/ implementing remedial measures. Our services are performed at landfills, underground storage tank facilities, manufacturing facilities, and other commercial facilities across the southeast.

We are growing!

Every year, new clients choose AEM for their environmental consulting needs. Additionally, the range of services we provide is constantly expanding based on what our clients need. We intend to continue our growth by focusing on our existing clients, providing additional services, and adding new clients in neighboring municipalities and states.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of AEM is to afford our clients the very best professional services available in our areas of expertise. We do this by employing qualified and capable personnel, who strive at all times to provide our clients with efficient and quality solutions for their environmental consulting needs. Guided by this philosophy, AEM has earned a solid reputation for high quality and consistent standards delivered with the utmost integrity.

Company Profile

Since 1992, Advanced Environmental Management, Inc. (AEM) has provided high quality environmental consulting services at economical rates. We have a highly experienced and educated team of professionals.  We invite you to review our qualifications.  AEM also belongs to several leading industry associations.  Our services are generally divided into four categories:

  1. Landfill or Solid Waste services
  2. Underground Storage Tank (UST) services
  3. Environmental Property Assessments
  4. Other Services

Key Benefits

AEM offers our clients many benefits, including:

  1. A long term relationship opportunity staffed with exceptional professionals with many years of experience at AEM.
    • Our team members have years of experience and develop long lasting relationships and bases of knowledge with our clients and their sites.
    • Less Turnover means more effective and more efficient results for our customers.
  2. Excellent Regulator relations
    • This helps our clients get the benefit of the doubt.
    • This saves our clients money $$$.
  3. Prior UST Management experience with a major oil/gas marketer.
    • We understand our client´s economics and regulatory requirements.


  1. Professional Geologists and Engineers in Office/Field
    • Lends Credibility
    • Meets regulations
  2. OSHA Certification
    • Protects client’s liability
  3. Competitive Pricing
  4. Personalized Professional Service
  5. Membership in Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)
  6. Membership in national Registry of Environmental Professionals (NREP) as Registered Environmental Managers.


We would like to Earn Your Business!

Community & Business Benefits

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