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Qualifications & Key Personnel

The personnel to be assigned to this project have each been with AEM for a minimum of five years. These are experienced and dedicated people who know how to handle solid waste projects to the client’s benefit. AEM personnel are trained from day one to understand the importance of building and maintaining good EPD relationships.

These relationships have helped our clients repeatedly through the years. Our people are our greatest asset followed closely by our reputation and relationship with the EPD regulators.

AEM’s landfill monitoring services team will consist of a Principal Engineer (Darrell L. Webb, PE, REM), a Project Manager (Lorence T. Busker, PG), and a Field Services Manager (Eric A. Benton). Additional minor support will include administrative, field, and accounting personnel. This is the same team currently performing landfill services for all of AEM’s landfill monitoring projects including Chatham County.

Minority and Local Outreach

AEM supports minority business by subcontracting laboratory analyses to Accura Analytical Laboratories – a minority-owned business located in Norcross, Georgia. Local support is provided through use of local hotels, fueling centers, and miscellaneous local businesses.

Reference Requests

We provide client references and non-client references upon request and we include relative references when we respond to Request For Proposals(RFP).

Over the past 11 years, AEM has built an outstanding reputation amongst Georgia counties by providing high-quality, professional services at economical rates. Keys to our success include hiring and retaining quality personnel, maintaining excellent working relationships with EPD regulators, and working constantly to increase efficiency.

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Community & Business Benefits

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