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Underground Storage Tank

Underground Storage Tank Services

Advanced Environmental Management’s Underground Storage Tank (UST) Services for the southeast and Georgia include:

  • UST Contamination Assessments
  • UST Corrective Action Plans (CAP) ? Part A
  • UST Corrective Action Plans (CAP) ? Part B
  • Monitor Only Plans
  • UST Closure Reports
    • Includes Soil & Groundwater Sampling
  • UST Management
  • UST Site Remediations
  • UST Removal and Closure
  • Well and Treatment System Installations
  • Monitor Well Installations
  • Expert/Witness Testimony
  • Groundwater Computer Modeling
  • Remedial Activities
  • Spill Prevention and Control Plan

Service Description Details

UST Corrective Action Plan Part A

The UST Corrective Action Plan Part A includes subsurface soil and groundwater sampling, determination of hydro geologic parameters and potential receptor survey.

UST Corrective Action Plan Part B

The UST Corrective Action Plan Part B includes complete contaminant plume delineation, assessment of corrective measures and detailed remedial action plan.

UST Removal and Closures

AEM will complete this project in accordance with all applicable GEPD UST Removal and Fire Marshall Guidelines.

Remedial Activities

Complete soils and groundwater remediations including an array of remedial technologies including Soil Venting, Groundwater pump and treat technologies and Insitu Soils and Groundwater Bioremediations.

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