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Value Proposition

Advanced Environmental Management Offers a comprehensive Value Proposition to our Customers, including:

  1. Prior UST Management with major oil/gas marketer.
  2. Regulatory Insight and Industry Knowledge.
  3. Membership in National Registry of Environmental Professionals (NREP) as:
    • Registered Environmental Managers
    • Registered Environmental Professionals
  4. Professional Geologists and Engineers in Office/Field
    • Hazardous Materials Safety and Handling
    • Hazardous Materials Supervision
  5. OSHA Certification
  6. Competitive Pricing with Personalized Professional Service

How Can We Benefit your Community or Business?

AEM is your one-stop source for environmental consulting needs. Our services range from site suitability studies and monitoring plan preparation to methane and groundwater corrective actions with an emphasis on providing high quality groundwater and methane monitoring services. AEM currently performs methane and groundwater monitoring on 34 landfills throughout Georgia.

In recent years we have seen a marked increase in the number of bidders for monitoring jobs. As is usually the case, the increased competition has led to decreased prices. We believe strongly in a market economy and feel everyone has the same rights to pursue landfill work. However, we believe bidders must realize what it means to be a consultant. Many recent landfill monitoring projects have been awarded to analytical laboratories. The laboratories perform the sampling and analysis and submit their findings to the landfill owner. In most cases, the owner must then pay a second consultant to interpret the data, prepare the appropriate maps, perform the statistical analyses, and submit the final report to the GEPD.

In AEM’s experience, this scenario increases the total cost of the owner’s expenditures and provides greater chances for mistakes.

With the exception of chemical analysis, AEM handles monitoring projects in-house from beginning to end. AEM employs highly trained and experienced field technicians to collect samples. Samples are then delivered to Accura Analytical Laboratories, Inc. for analysis. Results of the laboratory analysis are reviewed by AEM’s experienced project managers who then perform statistical analyses, prepare potentiometric maps, tabulate the data in easy to use formats, and submit the final report to the landfill owner and, if desired, to the GEPD and/or others.

As you can see, the only part of this process that is handled independently of AEM is the laboratory analysis. AEM has maintained a close working relationship with Accura Analytical Laboratories for the past seven years. In that time, we have been very happy with their services and feel they are one of the best laboratories in Georgia. This view is substantiated by Accura’s extensive list of certifications. Based on our long-standing relationship and high volume of samples, AEM is able to lower our analytical costs significantly. These savings are reflected in our reduced charges to our clients.

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