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Monitoring & Reporting

Environmental Monitoring & Reporting

Environmental monitoring has long been AEM’s trademark service. Over the years we have worked with regulators to develop report formats that provide the required data in a concise and easy-to-understand format.

AEM always strives to provide a value-added service. This goal is reflected in our monitoring reports. While complete laboratory reports are included, the data are also tabulated to allow for quick reviews. We also interpret the data, assess potential problems, and provide recommendations for changes needed to mitigate such problems. Statistical analyses and potentiometric surface maps are standard items in our monitoring reports.

We maintain databases of water monitoring and landfill gas (methane) monitoring results for each facility that we monitor. These databases allow us to easily keep an eye on trends occurring at a facility and head-off problems early. These databases remain the property of the client and, should a client decide to use a different consultant, we gladly transfer the data as the client directs.

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