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Environmental Personnel Fees

Item Unit Rate Units Notes
Accountant $55.00 Hour Billable Reimbursements Applications, etc.
Administrative $45.00 Hour  
Environmental Engineer $75.00 Hour  
Environmental Geologist $75.00 Hour  
Field Engineer $55.00 Hour  
Field Geologist $55.00 Hour  
Field Technician $45.00 Hour  
Principal Engineer $95.00 Hour  
Principal Geologist $95.00 Hour  
Project Environmental Engineer $85.00 Hour  
Project Environmental Geologist $85.00 Hour  
Registered Environmental Manager $90.00 Hour  

Our Estimated Service Fees and Charges represent an approximation of AEM’s charge for monitoring, tests or services for your company or facility.  This does not constitute a proposal for these services.  A formal proposal will be prepared for your facility upon request.

If you have additional questions or would like to request a proposal please contact your account representative directly or contact us for an RFP by completing our contact form.