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Surface Water Sampling

Surface water samples will be collected according to the EPA Manual for Groundwater Monitoring, revised September, 1991 and the EPA Region IV Standard Operating Procedures and Quality Assurance Manual, Section 5.7, revised November 2001. Below is a list of equipment available for surface water sampling and the parameters which may be sampled.

Type Material Use Permissible Parameters
DO Dunker SS or glass discrete grab, depth composite All
Kemmerer SS or glass acrylic stopper grab @ specific depth Inorganics
Beaker SS or glass discrete grab1 All
Bailer SS or Teflon grab
@ specific depth2
Peristaltic pump with weighted tubing SS or Teflon silicon tubing grab at specific depth Inorganics
1 Beaker is inverted,
submerged, then turned over to fill.
2 Depth limited by length of bailer.