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Potential Impact Assessments

If monitoring results indicate a potential impact to media at a facility, AEM will reevaluate the results obtained from the facility to identify any potential false-positives. Assuming an impact is still indicated, we assess the potential sources of an impact and develop a plan for identifying the source or sources responsible for the impact. These plans are designed by AEM with input from the appropriate regulators. Input from regulators at this stage is imperative to providing data that will be acceptable to the regulators.

AEM’s assessment plans are painstakingly designed to minimize assessment costs by focusing assessment activities where the most data can be obtained.

AEM implements assessment activities with constant reevaluations to refine the scope of the assessment based on any preliminary results. Frequent discussions with the appropriate regulators during the assessment minimize wasted effort and money.

In conjunction with the initiation of assessment activities at a facility, AEM attempts to identify any potential funding sources that may offset costs for the client.

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