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Monitoring Experience Details

Landfill Monitoring Experience Details

Advanced Environmental Management (AEM) has specialized in landfill monitoring services in Georgia and the southeast since 1992. AEM currently provides monitoring and other services on 50 landfills in Georgia and has provided these services for an additional five facilities in the last seven years. A listing of all landfill monitoring projects AEM has worked on in the past seven years is presented in our projects section. The information is organized by County in which the waste disposal facility is located. Additional requested information relating to AEM’s experience is discussed below:

  1. AEM’s services for each of the facilities listed include, at a minimum, groundwater and/or methane monitoring. It should be noted that AEM classifies surface water monitoring as part of a groundwater monitoring project since the two monitoring activities are typically conducted simultaneously. The listing of each project for each facility, along with this discussion, is provided in lieu of the requested brief narrative of each project. A groundwater monitoring project includes sample collection, subcontract laboratory analyses, data entry and analyses, and report preparation and submittal to EPD.  Similarly, a methane monitoring project includes field sampling, data entry and analyses, and report preparation and submittal to EPD.
  2. AEM often provides monitoring services for multiple facilities for a single client. Each facility is listed separately.
  3. The services provided at each facility are listed as separate projects.
  4. The annual value of each project is provided following the project. This value should be considered approximate and is based on the most recent billing information.
  5. The current status of each project is ongoing unless a specific end date is listed.
  6. AEM’s project management team is discussed in detail in Section III. This project management team has handled each of the projects listed herein.
  7. Each project listed is considered similar to the Chatham County project as each project involved Groundwater and/or Methane monitoring services at a landfill.

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