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Telfair Environmental Projects

Telfair Subtitle D landfill. Methane well MM-9? in foreground.
Telfair Subtitle D landfill. Methane well MM-9? in foreground.24-Jun-2009 13:33, Research In Motion BlackBerry 8310

Client Facility Start Date Project Duration
Telfair Telfair County MSWL 1995 Quarterly Methane Monitoring 14
      Semi-Annual Groundwater Monitoring 14
    1997 Methane Remediation Plan 1
    1998 Closure QA/QC 1
      Groundwater Monitoring Well Installations 1
      Methane Monitoring Well Installations 1
  Telfair County
Subtitle D MSWL
1995 Site Suitability Study 14
    1998 Groundwater Monitoring Well Installations 11
      Methane Monitoring Well Installations 11
      Quarterly Methane Monitoring 11
      Semi-Annual Groundwater Monitoring 11
Average of Duration       8.2

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