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Site Suitability Studies

Site Suitability Studies / Hydro geological Assessments

When looking for a site to construct a new landfill, one of the first steps is performing a Site Suitability Study (including a Hydro geological Assessment). Factors assessed in a Site Suitability Study include Zoning Restrictions, Buffer requirements, Wetlands, Flood-prone areas, Distance to sensitive areas (e.g., airports, national historic sites, groundwater recharge areas, water supply wells, etc.), and location in relationship to County boundaries. The Hydro geological Assessment portion of the study details groundwater conditions at the site (depth, flow direction, flow rate, etc.). These data are used to assess the level of risk associated with constructing and operating a landfill at the proposed site and to guide the design of such a facility so as to minimize risks. Guidelines for performing Site Suitability Studies in Georgia are found in Circular 11. Guidance documents for other southeastern states are similar.

AEM has performed numerous Site Suitability Studies in the southeast for both new and existing solid waste facilities. AEM performed these studies for Cook County, Dodge County, Evans County, Telfair County, and others.