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Phase II Assessments

Phase II Environmental Assessments

Advanced Environmental Management performs Phase II Environmental Assessments in general accordance with ASTM E 1527-05.  The scope of this service is determined by the findings of the Phase I Environmental Assessment on a site-specific basis.

Description of options required for Environmental Assessment Phase II

  • Installation of appropriate number of soil borings to a depth just below groundwater.
  • Take soil samples every 5 feet.
  • Screen with an Organic Vapor Analyzer (OVA) for solvent odors.
  • Collect sample with the highest OVA reading or just above the water table.
  • Analyze Results at a qualified analytical laboratory for Appendix I Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).
  • Complete each boring in which groundwater is encountered as a monitor well (can be temporary wells, if desired).
  • Collect a groundwater sample from each well and analyze at a qualified analytical laboratory for a broad range of volatiles (EPA Method 624).
  • Survey wells for evaluations and measure depth to groundwater.
  • Compute groundwater flow direction.
  • Prepare an interpretive report with recommendations.

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