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SPCC Methodology

Spill Prevention Countermeasure & Control Plan (SPCC) Methodology

The following tasks will be performed in conjunction with the SPCC Plan:

  • Evaluation of site layout, including potential surface spill receptors.
  • Evaluation of release detection devices and spill prevention devices installed in conjunction with existing petroleum storage and dispensing equipment.
  • Documentation of the quantity and type of hazardous compounds stored on-site.
  • Compilation of emergency contacts, as well as course of action in the event of an emergency spill.
  • Investigations of site area demographics and land use identifying potential receptors (i.e., basements, vaults, public buildings, schools, etc.).
  • Perform a telephone water well survey and surface water consumption investigation, including conversations with local water authorities and local residents.
  • Investigation and examination of all existing spill prevention measures at the site.
  • Research of available site records, including records of past spillage and/or prevention measures employed.
  • Report generation, including site plans with details of spill prevention measures in place, emergency plans and recommendations for alternative spill prevention measures as necessary.