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Steve Hoppe

Steve Hoppe


Project Geologist


Missouri State University – Springfield, Missouri Bachelor of Science in Agronomy, 2005

EXPERTISE Wetlands Delineation and Soil Science Projects

Geosciences Engineering Inc. ; 2006

Mr. Hoppe served as a Soil Classifier. His responsibilities included:

  • Conducting Phase I Environmental Investigations of soil .
  • Conducting Level III Soil investigations of individual lots.
  • Using Trimble GPS equipment to locate points with sub-meter accuracy.
  • Generating detailed soil maps with AutoCad.
  • Utilizing United States Geological Services (USGS) and Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) topographic maps to research and generate data.

Ken’s Ag Service; 2005 to 2006

Mr. Hoppe served as an Agronomist and Sales person. His responsibilities included:

  • Identifying nutrient deficiencies, diseases, and pesticide damage to plants.
  • Selling Corn, Soybeans, Fertilizer, and Herbicides to farmers.
  • Preparing seed, fertilizer, and chemical quotes for farmers on excel.
  • Maintaining inventories of seed and herbicides and pesticides.
  • Maintaining and loading anhydrous ammonia tanks.
  • Operating fork lifts and skid steer vehicles.

Heartland CO-OP; 2005

Mr. Hoppe worked as a Custom Applicator and his responsibilities included:

  • Custom applying herbicides and pesticides to corn and soybean fields.
  • Maintaining anhydrous ammonia tanks, tool bars, and sprayers.
  • Maintaining herbicide and pesticide inventories.
  • Operating fork lifts and skid steer vehicles.
  • Certified Hazardous Materials Technician
  • Member of Agronomy Club at Missouri State Univ ( 2004, 2003)
  • Member of Soil Science Society of America (2005, 2004)
  • Member of Crop Science Society of America (2005, 2004)
  • Attended American Society of Agronomy National Meetings 2004
  • Member of GCSAA (2003-2004)